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About Us

It started innocently enough... She was a savvy and experienced negotiator whose expertise in media planning and placement was developed after graduating with a degree in advertising from "the other UT" (Texas) and taking over the $1,000,000 advertising budget of her family's business. He was the owner of an award winning production company and former head of creative services for the local ABC affiliate.

The year was 1998... The day: October First ... The time: Noonish... The place: The Texas Roadhouse... It was a meeting that would change the course of history... At least for them.

For Mike Wadel and Jinger Jernigan, what began as "just another business meeting" soon turned into a working relationship that evolved into the blending of two lives, including four children (Josh, Lyndsi, Houston, and Trent) and two businesses (Wadel and Associates and Media Planning and Placement). In the time since the genesis of their relationship, they have grown the business by purchasing two other small agencies in town and starting a 501(c)(3) Christian ministry called HisStorytellers Foundation.

Today, Mike heads the creative team at Wadel Media. He oversees the development of TV and Radio commercials, long form informational, sales and training videos, as well as print and web design. Over the years, he and the team have won many local, regional and national awards for their work. Mike's goal is to always over-deliver in every way... Creativity, Production Quality, and Value. Just turn on a television in the Chattanooga area and you will see how Wadel Media clients stand out from the rest.

Jinger is responsible for all of the media planning and placement needs of our clients. That includes pulling research, identifying target demographics, developing a plan as to how the advertising will be placed, and then negotiating with the stations and placing the media according to the plan. She then follows up to be sure all the goals in the campaign are met. She is truly an expert in getting the most out of every advertising dollar. That's what happens when you learn your craft spending hard earned family money. In addition to that, she also oversees all the business activities of Wadel Media.

Together, Mike and Jinger love spending time with their growing family, which now includes one daughter-in-law, one son-in- law (Matthew Holland, who also works for Wadel Media), one absolutely gorgeous and brilliant granddaughter, and two not-so-smart Bedlington terriers. They are both very active in church and ministry, love to travel, and eat out way too much.

The bottom line: They love what they do and the clients they are blessed to serve.

Mike & Jinger Wadel


Mike Wadel

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Jinger Wadel

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